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COUPON - Chiropractic Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

Chiropractic Center & Treatment Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At Unity Chiropractic Inc, no health insurance is necessary. What this means is no high deductibles and no limitations on how many times you can be adjusted! You can come in regularly for wellness chiropratic care and feel good every day!

My Rates will be as follows:

$40 for each visit
$25 for Seniors (65+) and students.
$60 for 2 adjustments per month
$100 for 4 adjustments per month
$160 for 8 adjustments per month
$70 for 1 family visit per month
$110 for 2 family visits per month
$189 for 4 family visits each per month
$229 for 8 family visits each per month

We also offer membership plans!

$79 for four visits per month for one person
$169 for four visits per month for a family
(We also accept Flex Spending Accounts as well as Health Savings Accounts)
These are 6 month commitments to Chiropractic wellness to clear your Subluxations and put life back into your bodies making you feel energetic, young and great again!

Any Questions Please call our office at 412-798-8226. I look forward to getting you back on track to living a healthier lifestyle with Chiropractic Care. Call me!!

Compassionate Treatment & Services

Visit our chiropractic center to start your treatment and feel a noticeable difference in your pain. Our clinic offers care to patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. We strive to provide comprehensive care that meets all of your needs. To accomplish this goal, we offer nutrition counseling, orthotics, and wellness programs, in addition to our chiropractic services. Unity Chiropractic Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializes in the chiropractic treatment of chronic and debilitating conditions. Through our treatments and services, we provide the pain relief you seek.
Contact us to request an appointment with our dedicated massage therapist.
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